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How To Get Justin Bieber’s Coolest Hairstyles

Along with making pristine pop, hitmaker Justin Bieber also has a sharp eye when it comes to streetwear-inspired style. His madcap blend of tie-dye, sliders and logo tees merged into what has popularly been dubbed scumbro, a look so wrong on paper that fashion scientists are still scratching there heads as to why it feels […]

How To Wear One Blazer Every Day Of The Week

Fashion can mean many things to many people, but style is almost always a unique expression of someone’s personality executed in the simplest form possible. Truly stylish guys find ways to look themselves whatever the occasion, and they do so in a way that appears effortless. With that in mind, we set ourselves a challenge: […]

Baselworld 2019: The Coolest Watches In The World

Baselworld. It may sound like a theme park dedicated to the northwestern Swiss city most famous for hosting Art Basel, but it’s far more exciting than that. At least for people who get giddy over gear trains and leaf-shaped hands. Yes, Baselworld is where the world’s biggest watch brands launch their new creations every year, […]

Winston Duke: How To Dress Like The Next Big Thing

From making his first film appearance as the intimidating M’Baku in Black Panther to quickly following up it up as dorky dad Gabe in record-breaking horror Us, Winston Duke is having quite the stratospheric introduction to the public-at-large. Just take a scroll through his Instagram. One minute he’s posting snaps of himself around campus, the […]

10 Fitness Apps To Fast-Forward Every Workout Goal

Getting in the best shape of your life doesn’t necessarily mean splashing out on a top-dollar personal trainer. Because as the 21st century saying goes, “There’s an app for that”. Whatever your fitness goals – big arms, a 5K personal best, abs you can grate cheese on, swapping the Big Macs for something healthier, or […]