Monthly Archives: April 2019

6 Low-Risk High-Reward Ways To Get A New Hairstyle

To change up your look, you could make good on those new year’s resolutions to eat cleaner, train harder and pack away fewer pints. Snooze. Or you could throw out everything in your wardrobe and start again. Expensive. You could even go under the knife. Err, no thanks. Fortunately, not all changes to reinvent yourself […]

9 Suede Sneakers Every Man Should Own In 2019

Suede sneakers: they’re about as reliable in bad weather as an umbrella made of bog paper, are a nightmare to clean, and if you spill a glass of Rioja on them, it’s basically game over. And yet, even despite boasting nowhere near the same level of practicality or, well, wine-proofness as their leather counterparts, they […]

The Best Glute Exercises To Make You Leaner And Stronger

If you think glute workouts should be left to your belfie-obsessed better half, think again. Train the bum and you’ll reap rewards across the board, gaining strength, stability, and a strong base from which to build the rest of your workouts. Since they’re your biggest muscles, you’ll also burn more calories each and every day. […]

15 Jaw-Dropping Pools That Will Rewrite Your Bucket List

It’s totally understandable to plan your next getaway around the best possible pool aesthetic – the last thing you want is a dingy watering hole that you’re sharing with some kid’s discarded plasters. No trip is worth that kind of ‘gram disgrace. We’ve got you covered with our list of the best pools in the […]

Are Berets The Next Big Hat Trend?

Yes, berets. Stand to attention, arty-intellectual, comedy Frenchman who’s just missing a baguette, berets. But before you go anywhere, hear us out. There’s been a veritable array of berets over the past few seasons. Designers from high-fashion establishment Prada to streetwear provocateur Gosha Rubchinsky, Louis Vuitton to Grace Wales Bonner via Missoni and Alexander McQueen […]

The Sneaker Trend That Just Keeps On Running

Techy, tricked-out trainers are par for the course with today’s sneaker trends. So, if you really want to take your footwear game in a bold new direction, look to the past, not the future, for inspiration. Eye-popping coloured suede, ice-white mesh, foamy midsoles and simple styling. Retro running shoes aren’t going to win any prizes […]

The Men’s Interest Groups You Need To Know About

Men have endured many trends. Flares, curtains hairstyles, laddism, little goatee beards, gym culture, lumbersexuality. One trend that’s on the rise, not based on a style or taste, but because of the changing face of masculinity, is men’s interest groups. The conversation around men and modern masculinity has opened up conversations about mental health, male […]