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The Best Shampoo For Every Hair Type

If you take a look inside the modern man’s bathroom cabinet, you’ll probably find enough products to moisturise a small army. Vain creatures, these 21st-century chaps. But while most are happy to sort out their skin, shaving and scent routines to a religious degree, there is a whole category of grooming that’s often overlooked: haircare. […]

How Co-ords Became The Style Move Of Summer

Every so often, a trend comes along that makes you double take – in the case of men’s co-ord sets, quite literally. Like chunky trainers, cargo pants and bucket hats before them, co-ords have gone from relic to ironic, to bona fide menswear trend. “Co-ords create a totally different look to your usual get-up,” says […]

9 Types Of Bag Every Man Should Have On His Shoulder

Forgive the generalisation, but we’re guessing your father probably complained about the number of bags your mother had. While he used the same battered duffle for everything, your mother took up prime real estate at the bottom of the wardrobe with shoppers, handbags, clutches and weekenders. Guess what? Mother was right. You need different types […]

Linen Trousers: Why You Need Some, How To Wear Them

With record-breaking summer temperatures now a scary norm, something drastic needs to be done to stay cool. Especially in the trouser department. Once regarded as the go-to trouser style for ’90s singer-songwriters and stuffy Brits abroad, linen trousers are now having a style resurgence, thanks to modern cuts, accessible colour palettes and polished finishing touches. […]

7 Modern Ways To Wear The Nineties Trend

No-one told you style was gonna be this way. Ten years ago, when Don Draper was on TV, the idea that chunky trainers, patterned tracksuits, dad jeans and sweater vests would become prominent menswear trends was near-unthinkable. The ’90s was the decade that fashion forgot, but just as the ’70s and ’80s were once dismissed […]

Is The Rolex Submariner The Ultimate Men’s Watch?

It is instantly recognisable, ridiculously robust and versatile enough to wear with everything from joggers to dinner jackets. It is the watch every man wishes was in his wardrobe as well as being the watch forum geeks argue over, thanks to its reference numbers and unreliable history. The Rolex Submariner is one of those watches […]

Techwear: The Cult Fashion Trend Taking Hollywood By Storm

Hobbs & Shaw, the latest going-to-cross-a-billion instalment in the neverending Fast & Furious series, is many things. Loud. Ludicrous. Lacking in even a basic respect for Newton’s laws of motion. But it’s also an ode to a very particular, very nerdy strain of menswear. When costume designer Sarah Evelyn needed clothes that conveyed just how […]