You Won’t Believe How Easy and Effective These DIY Face Masks Are

When it comes to beauty routines, there’s nothing quite like a face mask to turn your everyday skincare steps into a relaxing, self-care moment. Taking five to 10 minutes whilst the mask works its magic is probably the closest experience to a spa day we can get right now. Your mind and your skin will also thank […]

The Complete Capsule: 11 Summer Essentials to Carry You Through Till Fall

The weather in this country might be as confusing as the politics this week, but we’re happily distracting ourselves by contemplating the mechanics of our summer wardrobes. We don’t need to list off the items that belong in a seasonal capsule (in every beach-bound suitcase, you’ll find dresses, sandals and swimsuits). However, there are certain […]

3 Trends a Chic 64-Year-Old Is Banning From Her Closet (and 3 She’s Trying)

We talk a lot about trends here at Who What Wear, but today, we’re acknowledging that not every style movement is right for everyone. Each season, we try to take stock of our own closets and decide what’s worth retiring and what’s worth adding to our closets all in the name of paring down. To […]

Celebrities Are Ushering in the Summer of the Under-Boob Bikini

Bella Hadid is a fan. Though summer doesn’t officially start until June, our celebrity-bikini-watch efforts are already in full swing. Notable recent sightings include Bella Hadid wearing the same crinkle bikini as Jennifer Lopez, racking up a casual combined nine million likes on social media, and Lili Reinhart in an über-bright neon bikini (also a […]

Kylie Jenner Wore the Cheap Basics Brand J.Lo Also Loves

When you have 172 million eyes on it, a basic white crop top can become practically iconic. That’s how many Instagram followers Kylie Jenner’s posts reach, so you can bet there is significant demand for info on what she’s wearing. In one of her newest pictures, it’s something refreshingly relatable: Naked Wardrobe’s Sweet T Crop Top […]

The Summer Basic That Is Now Replacing All My Leggings

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about bottoms that are, well, soft. Since wearing jeans or anything stiff in nature has become nearly obsolete, we’ve been frantically trying to figure out fun alternatives for the “hard” pants we once knew. With summer swiftly approaching, I began pondering what kinds of warm-weather bottoms I would rely on throughout the […]

The 7 Most Affordable, Relatable Trends on Shopbop and Revolve

When I think of shopping sites that always have all the trends, and a good mix of affordable and designer pieces, Revolve and Shopbop always come to mind first. And I don’t know about you, but these days, I just want to buy more of the easy-to-wear trends I already know and love. And in case you’re on the […]

75 Days Later and This Is What Our Office Is Wearing While WFH

Being cooped up at home can bring up a lot of feelings. Our world is currently in a state of self-isolation and social distancing due to the coronavirus—something we are not typically accustomed to as a culture. While we are all attempting to band together as a society to do our part by staying inside, that doesn’t mean we can’t […]

What to Wear With Every Shoe Color

Let’s be honest. No matter how many pairs of bright, statement-making heels you own, we most often reach for black pumps to finish off a look. There’s safety in the color black, but that doesn’t mean the rest of our colored shoes shouldn’t get an equal amount of attention. Naturally, pairing colored shoes with your look requires a […]