British Women Politely Laugh Every Time Americans Wear These 4 Items

It may be entirely un-British to laugh about anyone else’s style choices (we Brits are far too polite for that), but I will say that as a Brit living in Los Angeles for over 12 years, I’ve picked up on certain American sartorial tendencies that I’ve found rather distinct and funny. I recall being taken aback on my […]

6 Things Celebrity Stylists Want You to Retire and Adopt for Fall

Now that we can officially discuss all things fall without getting weird stares (hey, we like to be ahead of the curve, okay?), it’s time to take inventory of the current state of our closets. Is there an overflow of summer sandals? Too few boots and sweaters? The temperatures are dropping rapidly, so we’d hate […]

FYI: These Are the 10 Best Burgundy Nail Polishes of All Time

Just when you thought burgundy nail polish was burgundy nail polish, think again. Sure, it’s one of the most in-demand nail color shades for fall (and pretty predictable as far as our polish trajectory goes), but not all burgundy shades are created equal. Some are a tad more purple, while some are more black or […]

This Classic Shoe Style Is Comfortable—And Will Go With Everything You Own

If I were to rattle off the top shoe styles that are timeless and classic, black flats would rank high on the list. Similar to black sandals, pumps, and booties, this footwear silhouette is essentially no-fail given its highly versatile nature. That ideal pair of black flats—whether that’s a ballet style, flat mules, or loafers—can be dressed […]

I Made a Fall Shopping List of 25 of My Favorite Items, and I Thought I’d Share

Given my role as a fashion editor, it’s part of my job to sift through the market to uncover gems to recommend to you, dear readers. As I’ve been scrolling through some of my favorite sites recently (including Nordstrom, Shopbop, and H&M), I’ve actually been bookmarking some of those standout items that I’m particularly loving that I […]

Have Fun Shopping the Coolest Fall Activewear and Loungewear on the Web (I Did)

If you plan on living in activewear and loungewear come fall, this would be the year to do it. Without special events, nights out, trips, and office days to shop for, it’s a valid use of one’s shopping budget. And since activewear and loungewear are typically cheaper than your average fancy fall gear, you’re getting more bang for your […]

Makeup Artists Taught Me This 3-Minute Trick to Looking More Awake

If you’ve ever had someone say to your face, “You look tired,” you know how irksome and annoying it can be. The phrase might seem well-meaning and empathetic, but I already feel exhausted, so I don’t need extra confirmation from an outside source. Yeah, I’m tired. What are you going to do about it? If it doesn’t […]

Katie Holmes Wore the Boot Trend Fashion People Prefer With Skinny Jeans

It’s actually starting to feel like fall in NYC, which is great news for us, because with that comes lots of new outfit ideas to copy. Case in point: Katie Holmes was just out downtown wearing a chic, easy fall outfit that’s popular year after year. While she usually wears loose, baggy jeans, this time she went […]