The Ultimate Guide To The Breton Top

Few things are likely to link French emperors, A-list actors, grunge icons and dads on the nursery run – least of all a top originally used to identify people on sinking boats. Nonetheless, attracting wearers as diverse as these has been one of the Breton top’s most notable achievements. Once the exclusive preserve of sailors, […]

5 Summer Style Lessons From Tyler The Creator

It’s been over a decade since hip-hop megastar Tyler the Creator burst onto the scene as the head honcho in Los Angeles rap group Odd Future. The band and movement around them was an incendiary whirlwind of smelly teen spirit, grungy, bass-driven beats and skatewear. Lots of skatewear. But this was skatewear in 2007. Before […]

Sneaker Hall Of Fame: Nike Tailwind 79

Simple, yet striking. Such is the aesthetic appeal of Nike’s original Tailwind running shoe. A one-piece mesh upper, complemented by suede reinforcements and a rudimentary foam tongue, punctuated only by a single oversized Swoosh to each side. But the Tailwind’s apparent simplicity is only skin deep. Concealed within its modest, white midsole is the first […]

Why HIIT Workouts Are The Most Efficient Way To Train

HIIT has been one of the most popular and, ironically, long-lasting fitness trends of the past few years, underpinning pretty much every overpriced boutique studio class and home workout programme promising an six-pack in an improbable time span. (“Listen to this: Seven. Minute. Abs.”) But what exactly is HIIT? Should you be doing it? And […]

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

Mastering fashion trends in everyday clothes can be difficult enough, but when you consider that it’s just one square foot of fabric covering your modesty, swimwear has to say more about you per inch than any other garment. To make matters worse, upgrading your trunks from duty-free afterthought to a first-class fit isn’t as easy […]